Litchfield Hills Dressage

The art of classical dressage with FEI trainer Alix Szepesi

Alix Szepesi is the FEI trainer at Litchfield Hills Dressage in Western Connecticut.  She provides positive, professional classical dressage training for riders and equine athletes of all levels, breeds and disciplines. 

Litchfield Hills Dressage serves clients in Litchfield, CT and surrounding areas.  We are about 2 1/2 hours drive from both New York City and Boston, nestled in the beautiful northwest corner of Connecticut.  Services include:

  • trailer-in for lessons
  • travel to you for lessons or clinics
  • short-term horse training
  • assist in your search to find a 'partner' horse, or if you wish to sell one​

Please email if you wish to visit.

Client testimonial:  "I cannot recommend Alix highly enough. She explains dressage with great clarity and patience, bolstering rider confidence."

Educator testimonial:  "I have known Alix for 20 years and followed her career with great interest and admiration.  In addition to her own riding and training skills, Alix is a talented instructor and clinician who can bring much expertise and knowledge to riders of all ages and skill level.  We need more instructors of this caliber willing and able to help produce good riders and horses from lower to upper levels of competition."  Carole Baker - BSHI (SM & I) - Director Emeritus, Equine Business Management and Professor Emeritus at Post University in Waterbury, CT.