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Alix Szepesi has spent a lifetime developing elegant partnerships with happy, classically trained horses and their people, whether she rides them herself or helps their owners develop a thriving relationship.  It's her passion!  To date, Alix has successfully partnered over 50 horses. Her early accomplishments included the U.S. Pony Championships at age 11 and the North American Young Rider Championships at age 21, and her current international level partners compete in FEI sanctioned competitions.  As a serious dressage professional, Alix looks forward to representing the United States again in international competitions. She has studied with some of the world's best dressage trainers and formed her own way of developing sound, healthy horses that are not only successful in competition, but also happy in their work.  Alix welcomes new participants to be a part of the wonderful journey that takes place at Litchfield Hills Dressage.

Lessons:  Alix loves to share her expertise in customized clinics or lessons for owners and riders of any discipline and any level - from beginners to Grand Prix - even if their horse isn't in a full training program.  She offers enthusiastic teaching that focuses on positive corrections and development of thinking riders. If you are looking to develop your horse's training or improve your riding while having fun training your horse, Alix is the dressage trainer for you.
Horses in Training:  Alix has a very limited number of openings for quality horses in full training.  Client owned horses are either ridden and competed exclusively by Alix or trained by Alix with lessons for their owners as part of the package.  Either way, each horse is treated as an individual, with a program designed to help it progress toward its full potential as well as being comfortable with both its physical and mental well-being.
Sponsorship at all levels: Litchfield Hills Dressage has sponsorship opportunities at various levels for horse owners, business owners, and horse lovers of all types.
     Competing at the top levels of dressage is a substantial financial undertaking and very few top riders today do it without some sponsorship.  The support and daily care of a horse, travel and horse transport, competition and training expenses, insurance, equipment and other needs means annual expenses for a horse actively competing in the United States can easily exceed US$50,000 per year. Successful competition at the top requires support on many levels, and your sponsorship or donation can help Alix reach her competitive goals. Regardless of how you may wish to participate, any help is greatly appreciated:

      Friends of Litchfield Hills Dressage:  Do you enjoy being part of the horse world but don't own a competitive quality horse?  Would you want a behind the scenes look at a horse show before jumping in?  Come be a part of the process as a "friend" who sponsors expenses at a level comfortable to you - maybe the entry costs for a show, the training costs of a session with a renowned clinician, or perhaps shipping costs.  Friends are included at any event they sponsor and to watch ongoing training at Litchfield Hills Dressage.
     Product sponsorship:  At Litchfield Hills Dressage we are picky about the products we use for and on our horses, and are proud to promote those that meet our high standards.  Product sponsors can enjoy company / product logos on rider or horse clothing or on banners displayed on stabling at horse shows, clinics or exhibitions, as well as ongoing personal endorsement and promotion of your product, sponsorship recognition on our website (with a link to yours), and availability to participate in product advertising.  Alix's involvement in high visibility dressage and other equestrian events provides exposure for your products to a wide range of select customers.  Her reputation for integrity and the highest standards will support your corporate image.  If you have a product you'd like us to try, please contact Alix.
     Horse sponsorship:  Owning and supporting a successful competition horse is a significant undertaking, and one that can provide enormous satisfaction.  Owners of horses competing with Alix are treated with the highest level of consideration and integrity and enjoy regular updates, behind the scenes access to top competitions and training sessions, and the satisfaction of supporting one of the best.  While no trainer can ever guarantee results, owners of horses with Alix can rest assured that their horses get the very best care and training.

All sponsors receive advance notice of upcoming events and behind-the-scenes access.  Sponsors who wish to remain anonymous can participate at a level that honors this while still being treated as an integral part of the team.  Sponsors at every level are a fundamental part of Alix's journey to represent the United States again in international competition and all contributions are sincerely appreciated.
Please email to discuss opportunities and how you can be a part of the journey.  If you have ideas that aren't mentioned above, we are always open to suggestions.  :)

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Alix is very grateful for the generous support of her sponsors, owners with horses in training, supporters, followers and friends.  If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please email to discuss opportunities to join Alix on her journey to represent the United States again in international competition.

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